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Written by Iris Freeman on Nov. 28, 2014
Hi Gary, Well, I am traveling again today, this time in Rome, plus other places. I am just in awe you have done such a marvelous job writing all this and one feel like he or she is really there. Ropo was in Rome when he was in the Army and this was so interesting for him to read and it sure brought back memories. While in Italy he visited with an Italian family, relatives of one of the guys in his barracks, andwho became a friend. He said this family was so wonderful and could not do enough for them and the food was something, as you well know. Anyway, thanks again for sharing this. I am so enjoying it. Iris
Written by Dianne Burr on May. 26, 2014
You have some beautiful pictures and have been to places I always hoped to visit! Thanks for sharing the beauty!
Written by Tammy on Jun. 27, 2013
What a great idea to organize your travel photos into an online album! I look forward to seeing more -- past and present!
Written by George Tomer on Jun. 24, 2013
The ghosts at Savannah were replaced by the sheer beauty of today's wakeful spirits enjoying life in the 21st century. America continues, the battle continues, and truth must be forged from our energies. Truly a splendid visit to southern estuaries in a homeland of patriotic fervor. Thanks for sharing, once again - George
Written by George on May. 20, 2013
Your trip first posted last year was a spectacular feast of glory. Just visited your NO trips and SF: it was the plan of attack & being seen at locations I enjoyed the most. The ballgame shot: both were the Center of the Universe! At least in my ancient mind: but, it spoke of a tender entanglement ever-flourishing readily seen that captured SF. It must be that time, again. Hoping to return - George
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08.08 | 00:42

Beautiful pictures guys...looks like you had a marvelous trip...heavenly gardens and fountains! Love Jess & Don... :)

07.08 | 21:20

Is Savannah really that nice all year round? You've got a knack for making a silk purse.... Anyway, I'm convinced; Savannah's on my bucket list. -p

15.05 | 14:44

Thank you for your service.

15.05 | 06:21

Quite interesting for me to know that.