Campo Di Fiorii (Roma)

San Pietro. Complete with Roman soldiers.

The newlyweds on their 25th anniversary. (St. Peter's Square)

Piazza Navonna (Roma). Our favorite place.

Santa Maria della Salute (1631) Venice


Cinzia in the garden of Pensione Accademia (Venice). Katherine Hepburn's character stayed here in the movie - "Summertime" (1955).

Taxi acquei. Beautiful but ridiculously expensive way to get around Venice.

Our gondola ride.

La Fenice. Venice's beloved (and perhaps Europe's most beautiful) opera house.

San Marco (Venice)

San Marco (detail).

Bell Tower (Piazza San Marco)

Venice from the Tower.

San Giorgio (Venice)


Gondola stand.

Grand Canal (Venice)

Portico (Bologna)

San Lucca (Bologna)

View from San Lucca.

La Bella Cinzia

La Famiglia Nostra. (Bologna)

Pilate's Basin (Church of San Stefano) (Bologna)

S. Petronio (1605) (Bologna)

Some of our older Italian friends. (Parma)

Some of our younger Italian friends. (Parma)

Ciao! Fontana di Trevi (Roma)

Bill 25.06.2013 21:29

Love the site!!! How nice to be retired and have the time to set up and organize and be able to share these with your friends......

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Beautiful pictures guys...looks like you had a marvelous trip...heavenly gardens and fountains! Love Jess & Don... :)

07.08 | 21:20

Is Savannah really that nice all year round? You've got a knack for making a silk purse.... Anyway, I'm convinced; Savannah's on my bucket list. -p

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Thank you for your service.

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Quite interesting for me to know that.