Gary and Cindy Go ...

Downeast ... Way Downeast - Summer 2013

Bay of Fundy

Ordinarily, my first travel rule is: "No place colder and wetter than where I live."  But this summer, with a rare opportunity to spend sometime with my dear friend and his wife, we made and exception and went Downeast.  Way Downeast ... to Atlantic Canada and the Bay of Fundy.

Yes, it was cold and wet - at least for the first day but it was all the more glorious when the sun came out on Day Two.

But first, there was the ride to St. Martin, New Brunswick, our destination - two plus hours from home.

This was my first road trip with my friend in about 40 years when we saw most of America through the windshield of my newly minted VW (which my friend drove onto a rock - but that's another travelogue).

One of the best parts of any road trip (it's never the comfort or the food is it?) is the "local color".  Encounters with the people along the way.  The gas station attendant's, the waitresses - all the people who call "home" what you call an "adventure". 

Not too far along, at the edge of The Great North Woods, we stopped for a second breakfast.  The food was fairly standard roadside eggs and potatoes but the decor of the gas station/rustic restaurant included an enlightening and cautionary tale of the dangers of highway travel in those parts.  A poster mapped out the hot spots for vehicle-moose smash-ups in Maine.  Our path to Canada was a veritable blood alley.

It's always a bad thing to run into a moose.  It's the end of things for the moose and given the size and height of the creature and how they have a tendency to collapse into (and through) the windshield it is ... well, you get the idea.  Thankfully, we had no such encounter. 

What we did see was trees, trees and more trees (not a big deal, really, in the most heavily forested state in the union).  New Brunswick (aside from universal health care) is Maine 2.0.  Trees, ocean, rusted out trailers with 2 or 3 parts cars in every yard.

But none of this was about the sites.  Granted the Bay of Fundy was dramatic but the trip was largely a great opportunity to see my friend.  We even had a bonus visit with another guy from our high school class. He lives in Maine on the border with New Brunswick and we made an unscheduled stop on the way back. We hadn't seen each other in many decades and I'm glad to report that he seemed to be in exactly the place he wanted to be, doing exactly the things that made him happy.  That's quite an achievement.

So, the next time you go to Canada, bring a friend.

P.S.  About a month later, Cindy and I went to Bar Harbor.  I've been to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park hundreds of times and I'm still left speechless.  Enjoy the photos.

Gary and Cindy

All text and photos copyright Gary M. Growe, 2013.


St. Martin - Low Tide
Beach House - Bay of Fundy
Bay of Fundy
Bay of Fundy
St. John, NB
Frenchman's Bay, Bar Harbor, ME
Frenchman's Bay, Bar Harbor, ME
Bar Island (Low Tide) Bar Harbor, ME
Seaman's Mission, Bar Harbor, ME
Cruise Ship - Frenchman's Bay - Bar Harbor, Maine
Cadillac Mountain from Bar Island (Bar Harbor, ME)
View To "Great Head" Acadia National Park (ME)
View From "Park Loop Road" Acadia National Park (ME)
View To "Otter Cliffs" Acadia National Park (ME)

PJ Crane Mayers 04.02.2015 02:13

Hi Gary, Love the photos of you and Cindy. I have been as far North East to St.John's Newfoundland, Canada. My nephew Eric Crane is a chiropractor and lives th

Gary 04.02.2015 03:01

Glad you enjoyed the pix. In the midst of all this snow, it was nice to see something a bit more "summery" for me too. Thanks. G.

PNS 21.10.2013 16:46

Except for the unflattering, misleading bit about the rock that jumped in front of your VW, this was a fun travelogue of our precious time together. Your Friend

Ken 20.10.2013 21:46

Ruth and I love it there!

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Beautiful pictures guys...looks like you had a marvelous trip...heavenly gardens and fountains! Love Jess & Don... :)

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Is Savannah really that nice all year round? You've got a knack for making a silk purse.... Anyway, I'm convinced; Savannah's on my bucket list. -p

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